Worship Live!

Worship messages and Bible Studies will be broadcast for free on Zoom. If you wish to watch on your phone or tablet, you must download the Zoom app from your device's app store.

To watch videos on Zoom:

  1. Zoom is best used in Chrome, which you can download from here
  2. Click the appropriate link above for the current service
  3. Download and install the application OR click on "view in browser"
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter the password (found below).
  6. Click the large button at the bottom to join by computer audio. You must click to allow the browser to use your microphone when joining.

Joining by Telephone (*important note)

  1. Call 1-646-876-9923
  2. When prompted, enter the appropriate Meeting ID from below and hit #
  3. When asked for an attendee ID, simply hit #
  4. When prompted, enter the approrpiate passowrd from belown and hit #

Some meetings will allow listener and viewer participation. In these meetings, to unmute yourself so others can here you speak, hit *6.

*Important note: Please be aware that telephone calls to listen to church meetings ARE NOT TOLL FREE. Therefore, when calling from a landline it is considered long distance, and calls from cell phones will use any minutes of your cell phone plan. If you do not have unlimited long distance on your telephone or unlimited minutes on your cell phone, you may be billed by your phone company.


Watch Sunday Morning's message live at 11 AM!

Click here to watch on Zoom

Password: 1772
Meeting ID if needed: 939-556-560

Participate in Wednesday evening Bible Study live at 7 PM!

Click here to join us on Zoom

Password: 1772
Meeting ID if needed: 780-679-532

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