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Showing up at a new place can sometimes be awkward and even intimidating; however, there's nothing intimidating about attending and worshipping at Grassfield Baptist Church.  Our people are great at making people feel at home on their first visit.

At GBC we're ordinary people who are seeking to make the most of our lives for God's glory and honor.  I believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes life better.  It helps us move beyond past mistakes and helps prepare us for the challenges of the future.  I also believe that being part of a church makes life better.

I want you to know up front what we're about: Worship.  Connect.  Serve.

First, we're a community of faith that worships God together.  I desire for God to be active in our people, in our community, and in our total lives.  When we gather on Sunday morning, I desire for us to worship and celebrate God's presence.

Second, we're a community that desires to connect; i.e., establish and build relationships - especially through Small Groups.  I encourage people to connect to a Bible study group to establish friendships, to an openness to share life's struggles and victories together, to study the Bible, and to learn and grow together.

Third, we're a community that believes in service; i.e., serving God and others.  When we serve, we become more like Christ!  So, everyone needs a place of service!

Worshipping,  Connecting, and Serving result in life-changing results!


                                                                               H.B. Jackie Allen, Jr.

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